Library Assist

Library Assist is marketing and communication module for libraries. It makes it possible for libraries to be visible, instruct or engage users when they are looking for academic e-resources.

With Library Assist, libraries can set specific messages that they want their users to see when they access an e-resource. This message is customizable for each specific e-resource. Even for e-resources where the library doesn’t have a license for.

Examples of how these messages can work are:

Domain: Kluwer Navigator

Message to user: The library has a license for the material of Kluwer Navigator. To get access you need to login on Kluwer Navigator. <Click here> for an instruction.

Domain: Beck-online

Message to user: Unfortunately, content on this source is only accessible from an institution network. To get access you’ll have to physically be on campus.

Domain: Elsevier

Message to user: The library does not have a license for Elsevier material. Do you need access? Contact us to discuss options.