Library Assist

Library Assist is a marketing and communication module for libraries. It makes it possible for libraries to communicate relevant information about particular websites to its users, right when they need it.

With Library Assist, libraries can set specific messages that they want their users to see when they access an e-resource. This message is customizable for each specific e-resource. Even for e-resources where the library doesn’t have a license for.

Examples of how these messages can work are:

Domain: Kluwer Navigator

Message to user: The library has a license for the material of Kluwer Navigator. To get access you need to login on Kluwer Navigator. <Click here> for an instruction.

Domain: Beck-online

Message to user: Unfortunately, content on this source is only accessible from an institution network. To get access you’ll have to physically be on campus.

Domain: Elsevier

Message to user: The library does not have a license for Elsevier material. Do you need access? Contact us to discuss options.